Farewell to our Ridgetops...


It's been over a year since my last post here. There is good reason for that. Many changes have occurred. One of them wasn't the house here. Life has been so busy that pretty much no updates have been happening with the house ~ tho many still need to be done. But the biggest issue we had been having was... S P A C E .

This place is less than 800sq ft and we are a family of five. Our two boys are polar opposites and sadly that spells disaster when it comes to sharing a room. Our oldest is almost a teenager, tho he already has been acting like one for a few years. Then there is our baby girl who has to share our room and its really time for her own {she wakes up to the alarm at 6am when hubby gets up for work}.

So we had been toying with the idea of buying a new place or add onto this one. But this one is built small and the layout will always be small even if we add rooms to the back. For example we cannot pull out the kitchen table to seat 4 {let alone 5}. We currently huddle on only 3 sides of the table for dinner. Adding on wouldn't fix that. Plus its harder to get financing for adding on than it is to buy a home. But we still hadn't made up our mind as to which way we were going to go. We were not actively doing anything about it. But hubby ran across a house when he causally looked over them one day "just to see". Weeks or even a month later we are driving down a highway and he says to me as we pass a house, "That house is for sale you know." The 'For Sale' sign was not even visible as it was laying on the ground. I was in disbelief and said, "It is?!...Let's go back and see!" So we turned around and drove into the driveway.

The house was huge. He looked up the listing on his phone and we perused it as we sat in the driveway. It was going for so little for the amount of space & rooms this house had to offer. It was very affordable. It has 3 bedrooms and a finished attic with two more rooms which could be used as bedrooms. In addition to that it has a "den", bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room. Not to mention all the room each hallway affords. There are 4, maybe even 5 fireplaces tho none are working. It is a brick frame house - each wall even interior walls - are 3 layers of solid brick.

It was a 2 month long process that included us having to get the outside painted before we could goto closing but we did it & we are now fixing to be moving into it.

I will miss my ridgetops but at the same time I already feel at home in the almost 200 year old house. If I ever get a blog up for the new home I will add the link here.

Entered on July 10, 2012



I know I have been gone for quite some time. But as you can imagine taking care of a baby is a huge task. But add in dealing with a high maintenance 11 yr old, homeschooling the 2 boys, the baby having a 3 day hospital stay when she was two weeks old, hubby totaling the car around the same time {he was fine thankfully!}, taking a week long road trip when she was about a month old, overhauling our eating habits thanks to a milk protein allergy the baby has and you have a glimpse of our craziness. =)

I have to say I have been struggling with this no dairy diet since we discovered the lil girl has a milk protein allergy. She breaks out in a rash when I eat even a miniscule amount of a milk proterin. I LOVE pizza. I LOVE cheese, cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes, cookies, cakes, puddings, macNcheese, lasanga, garlic bread, BUTTER...ok so I could go on and on. But they are all on the "Do Not Touch" list now. But I think I am finally making headway and discovering options. Thanks to places like godairyfree.org I am beginning to function in the kitchen again. And thank goodness for milk alternatives like rice and almond milk as well as Earth Balance's alternative but natural butter. Oh and these definitely help with the sweet tooth cravings. I would not have known I wasn't eating ice cream.

Eating out is very challenging but with the "Cheat Sheets" that godairyfree has it really helps to know what I can and cannot have. Of course I always double check before consuming. You would not believe the amount of things that have some form of milk protein. Things you wouldn't think like fried rice seasoning packets and vegan cheese just to name a couple of things. But on the positive side of things I have been losing weight.


Ok now onto news about the house. Previously I posted how we remodeled the hallway to house the washing machine and dryer. Well the day before we were to go into the hospital to have our little girl we found a way to rearrange the living room for optimal space. You see our living room is small. Very small. But since we no longer had a hallway to have to get back to using the living room we could now move the armoir to that side of the room and really open up the living room. And thats what we did. We have loved the result every since.

Hubby also built in some shelving for a mini pantry next to the wash area. He will eventually put a door on it and put some shelving under the stairs for more pantry space. I am slowly getting some space into my itty bitty kitchen.

And on a totally unrelated note I have been making my own laundry soap. I had been buying it from Crunchy Clean and I do love it. But shipping was killing my budget. So I found a recipe online to make my own. I used the following recipe:

1 cup Washing soda
1 cup Borax
1/2 cup Oxy clean
1 bar grated Dr.Bonners Tea Tree Organic Bar Soap (5oz bar)

I then grated the soap, combined all ingredients and ran thru the blender on crumble setting. It was quick and easy peasy. I still have the really cute wooden scoops from Crunchy Clean so I used that to scoop. Usually I use 1 scoop for a load - sometimes 2 if its a heavily soiled load. And if I had wanted to I could have added some essential or fragrance oils to the soap when I was making the mix but for now I'm sticking with the plain jane soap. Since adding the oils only makes the soap smell nice...not the clothes.

Well slowly but surely we are returning from our baby induced "stupor" lol. We are also beginning to return to working on the house again. Thankfully spring is on the horizon. So that means it will also be warm enough to get some outdoor projects completed.

Entered on March 17, 2011

Our December Baby Has Arrived


Our little girl arrived at 1:43pm on Monday December 27th, 2010. She weighed 6lbs and 7oz and was 20 inches long. We are very much in love with our little girl. =))

Entered on December 29, 2010